Our Family Story

Four Generations Of Duck Husbandry

Established in 2000, La Belle Farm has been producing superior quality Foie Gras from its 40-acre duck farm situated in the fertile foothills of New York’s Catskill Mountains. Over the course of two years, La Belle’s team busily researched and developed a unique Foie Gras production process. They traveled to Europe, where they studied the duck processing industry and identified methods to develop a better-tasting product.

Today, using a special crossbred Moulard Duck, La Belle has refined that process to yield a superior tasting Foie Gras, while at the same time rendering off less fat than others in the market. All La Belle’s products are processed and packaged in the company’s U.S.D.A. inspected plants to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Their selections include Grade A, B, C, as well as Euro, Petite, Butter, and Portion Sliced Foie Gras.

Working closely with neighboring Cochecton Mills and their staff of nutrition experts, Le Belle can provide its flocks an all-natural feed, free of hormones, vaccines, and unnatural alterations. The selection of feed is essential in raising a healthy animal, and La Belle Strives to produce a natural, stable diet.

La Belle Farm’s mission to provide a superior Foie Gras to the world is ongoing. We value our relationships with current and future partners, distributors, and customers. We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to providing only the highest standards of service.

Competitive Advantage

La Belle Farm is one of only three Foie Gras producers in the United States.

Bella Bella Gourmet’s distribution network extends to every state, as well as Canada and Mexico.